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Gundersen Envision

Leading the way toward a sustainable, healthy future

We are a national healthcare leader nestled in the middle of God's Country. We care ... we care about our patients but we also care about our planet. And what mankind is doing to this earth is a tragedy beyond measure.

We are committed to improving the health of the communities we serve and controlling rising energy costs by reducing consumption through improving efficiency and creating cleaner energy.

In October 2014, we became the first healthcare system in the country to produce more energy than we consume and become energy independent.

We continue to seek innovative solutions to environmental issues to protect our air, water and land to reduce our carbon footprint.

As healthcare organizations continue to implement population health management programs, many are considering how their environmental footprint affects the health and well-being of the communities they serve.

We can help. Gundersen Health System's environmental program Envision® is providing leadership for the healthcare industry to demonstrate that "green" is healthy, socially responsible and economically beneficial.

We're creating a more inheritable world. We invite you to join us!


In the last decade, our conservation efforts alone have resulted in a 54% improvement with a cumulative financial savings of more than $28 million

Learn about Energy Conservation

We are generating wind power and using solar energy

Learn about Wind and Solar Energy

We use landfill waste to create energy

Learn about Biogas Energy

We have an impressive 67% recycling/diversion rate.

Learn about Recycling & Waste Management

We heat and power with renewable biomass from our region

Learn about Biomass Energy

We use geothermal energy – the earth – to heat and cool

Learn about Geothermal Energy

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