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Jeff Thompson, MD

Executive Advisor and CEO Emeritus
Gundersen Health System

Jeff Thompson, MD, is executive advisor and chief executive officer emeritus at Gundersen Health System. Dr. Thompson is a trained Pediatric Intensivist and Neonatologist, and served as Gundersen's Chief Executive Officer from 2001 to 2016.

After completing his professional training in 1984, Dr. Thompson came to Gundersen with a desire to care for patients and be a leader among his peers. He served on Gundersen's boards beginning in 1992 and was chairman of the board from 2001 to 2014. Dr. Thompson also served as Executive Vice President from 1995 to 2001 and played a key role in the organization's negotiations and governance design.

A founding member and past board chair of both the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality and the AboutHealth ™ network, and a White House Champion of Change, Dr. Thompson has led Gundersen's nationally-recognized initiatives for patient care, quality improvement and sustainability.

Dr. Thompson has certifications in pediatric critical care, neonatal and perinatal medicine, and pediatrics. He received his medical training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School, University of California-Davis and Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, N.Y. Dr. Thompson has authored and been featured in a number of articles, book chapters and abstracts on many healthcare, leadership and sustainability topics.

Dr. Thompson's speaking history


  • International Conference on Green Health and Care System, Beijing, China "Collaborating with Communities on Health Management"; "Development of a Green Health Care System" 01/17/17
  • Lean Association of Finland Biomedicum Seminar: Create Flow in Healthcare and the Service Industry, Helsinki, Finland "Living the Mission, Making it Work"; "Live Your Value, Transform Your Culture, Achieve Your Mission"; "Cost Effective Reduction of Emissions Attributable to Hospitals" 02/04-17/17
  • National Academies Round Table on Population Health, Washington, D.C. "Improvement on Protecting the Health and Well-being of Communities in a Changing Climate"  03/13/17
  • Round Table for Health Institutions Pioneering Community Investment, Boston, MA "Values Based $ Investment" 03/16/17
  • Vizient-Santa Fe Institute on End-of-Life Care, Chicago, IL "Advance Care Planning" 03/22-24/17
  • Medical College of Wisconsin's Global Food Conference, Milwaukee, WI "Food and the Mission of Health" 03/30/17
  • The Estes Park Institute, Chicago, IL "Live Your Values, Transform Your Culture, Achieve Your Mission" 04/23-26/17
  • East Coast Chief Physician Executive Summit, New York, NY 06/15/17
  • Wisconsin Science & Technology Symposium, Platteville, WI "Deleting Conventional Wisdom" 07/24/17
  • Triple Bottom Line conference, Plateville, WI "Ignoring Conventional Wisdom" 8/21/17
  • Michigan Health Association Green Healthcare conference (keynote speaker), Lansing, MI "Ignoring Conventional Wisdom" 10/5/17
  • Healthcare Without Harm and Hospitals Saudáveis, III Latin American Conference of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network, Sao Paulo, Brazil "Strengthening Health Care: Towards an Environmentally Sustainable and Healthy Leadership" 10/9/17
  • Healthcare Without Harm and Isalud University workshop, Buenos Ares, Argentina "The Reduction of Environmental Impact in Health Facilities" 10/13/17


  • Greenhealth Academy: Practice Greenhealth, webinar, "Leadership: A Call to Action" 01/27/16
  • UW Madison, Madison, WI "Connecting Wisconsin and the UN Climate Talks" 02/09/16
  • The Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, international webinar, "Leadership for Sustainability" 02/17/2016
  • Wisconsin State Conference Servant Leadership: La Crosse Style, La Crosse, WI "Reflections on the Journey" 06/24/15
  • Milwaukee Business Innovation Conference, keynote: "Closing the Gap: Bright Idea to Big Impact" 08/25/16
  • Wisconsin Healthy Hospitals Forum, keynote: "Courage to Act in Chaos" 09/30/16
  • Rotary Club of Madison: "Cost Effective Reduction of Emission Attributable to Hospitals" 09/30/16
  • Wisconsin Environmental Initiative (WEI) 20th anniversary event panelist, 10/19/16


  • Wisconsin Health News Newsmaker Event, Madison, WI "Gundersen Health System" 05/05/2015
  • White House Summit on Climate Change and Health, Washington, D.C. speaker in a discussion panel on "The Impacts of Climate Change and Underscoring the Important Role the Public Health Community can Play in Communicating and Preventing These Impacts" 06/23/15
  • Latin American Forum, São Paulo, Brazil "Pursuing Sustainability" 08/13/15-18/16/15
  • Green Build National Conference, Washington, D.C. "Gundersen Health System's Journey to Energy Independence" 11/18/16
  • US Department of State, Paris, France "Healthy People, Healthy Planet: U.S. Programs and Partnerships for Health Resilience" 12/02/15
  • United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21), Paris, France "Live from Paris: Connecting Wisconsin and the UN Climate Talks" 12/03/15
  • International Conference on Climate Change and Healthcare, Paris, France speaker in a discussion panel on "Governance and Financing of the Energy Transition" 12/04/15


  • Road to Excellence Speaker Series, University of Wisconsin -Platteville, "The Road to Excellence Strategic Plan Speaking Series" 04/25/14
  • UCSF Office of Sustainability: Health and Sustainability Summit, San Francisco, CA "UCSF Health and Sustainability Summit" 05/29/2014
  • Global Health Institute-University of Wisconsin-Madison, New York, NY, A Civil Society Event on Climate and Action Health 09/22/2014
  • La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Expo, La Crosse, WI "Care Beyond Our Walls" 10/30/14
  • Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, Milwaukee, WI keynote speaker, "Live the Mission" 12/03/2014
  • 25th annual Institute for Healthcare Improvement Forum, Orlando, FL speaker in discussion panel titled "Environmental Sustainability and the Triple Aim: A Call to Action" 12/11/2014


  • RENEW's Energy Policy Summit, Madison, Wisconsin, keynote speaker, "Powering Positive Action" 01/09/2013
  • Innovators Showcase: Wisconsin's Climate and Energy Leaders A Public Forum, Milwaukee, WI, "Keynote Address: Live the Mission" 04/29/2013
  • White House Champion of Change, Washington, D.C., 07/09/2013
  • Greenhealth Academy: Practice Greenhealth, webinar, speaker in a panel discussion titled "Engaged Leadership: What Does Environmental Sustainability Leadership Look Like?" 10/09/2013
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Health Care Summit, Washington, D.C., speaker in a discussion panel titled "Integrating and Coordinating Care" 10/29/2013


  • CleanMed, Denver, Colorado, keynote speaker, "Live the Mission" 05/02/2015
  • Healthier Hospital Initiative: White House Council on Environmental Quality, Washington, D.C., speaker in a panel discussion titled "Fostering a Culture of Environmental Sustainability" 07/24/2012
  • Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters: Annual Fall Sales Conference, La Crosse, WI, "ACO at its Best – La Crosse Health Care Provider Delivery Systems Leading the Way" 08/22/2012-08/24/2012
  • D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership, La Crosse, WI, "Leadership at Noon Lecture Series" 10/15/2012
  • 24th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare, Orlando, Florida, speaker in a discussion panel titled "The Wisconsin Story" 12/09/2012-12/11/2012
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