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Gundersen Health System's environmental program, Envision®, is a model for organizations nationwide. We can show you how developing or enhancing a portfolio of sustainability projects can help lower costs while improving the health of the communities you serve.

Why develop a sustainability program?

  • Funds once budgeted for energy expenses can be used to improve your margins.
  • Sustainability programs help to reduce costs associated with disposal.
  • Sustainable practices are becoming more important to customers and potential employees as they make their choices about where to spend their dollars and where to work.
  • Emissions from fossil fuels and other hazardous waste have a harmful health impact.
  • It is better for the environment.

Why learn from Gundersen Envision?

Gundersen Health System has set the standard for sustainability—from an innovative recycling and waste management program to a robust energy conservation program to innovative partnerships for renewable energy projects.

We are on the edge of energy independence and expect to reach our goal in 2014.

Our specific sustainability plans turn good intentions and "green" theory into action, and we can show you how.

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