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Environmental Photos

Envision® Photo Gallery Biomass boiler
The biomass boiler is expected to save Gundersen approximately $500,000 a year. The project was supported in part by a Wisconsin Bioenergy Grant.

Envision® Photo Gallery Cashton wind energy project
The Cashton, Wis. wind farm is generating nearly 5 megawatts of energy - enough electricity to power approximately 1,200 homes each year.

Envision® Photo Gallery Geothermal heat pump
Gundersen installed a 300-ton heat pump along with 156 wells buried about 400 feet underneath a parking lot.

Envision® Photo Gallery Landfill energy project
The project produces as much energy as the Gundersen Onalaska Campus consumes, making the campus 100 percent energy independent.

Envision® Photo Gallery Lewiston wind energy project
Two wind turbines on the Lewiston, Minn., wind farm will generate 4.95 megawatts of energy. The electricity will be fed into the energy grid and used by homes and businesses.

Envision® Photo Gallery Solar thermal water heating
Solar panels installed on the Gundersen Onalaska Renal Dialysis Center are part of a solar thermal water heating system. The renewable energy source will help heat water for use in the building.
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